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Jul. 7th, 2012 06:56 pm
maryane: spread the love for indonesia (elfi)
[personal profile] maryane

I'd be more than glad if someone can share me an extra. Will be giving mine once I've joined. Thanks a lot <3 my email is
warlikeful: (Default)
[personal profile] warlikeful
got my code, thanks very much!
i'll be back soon to give away some invites c:
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 I signed onto the waiting list. It's saying I won't get a code until the end of January 2013. I'm hoping that someone out there would be willing to share a code so I can get in sooner.


code trade

Jul. 1st, 2012 06:55 pm
vickyblueeyez: (Default)
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I'm willing to trade some codes for anyone who can provide some spock/uhura 2009 fanworks like writings (romance to pwp) and fanart. If interested, let me know.

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Invite code

Jul. 1st, 2012 05:13 pm
[personal profile] nrollin
Hi there, I would also be very grateful to receive an invite code! :)

I will share all but one of my own codes here/the lj group if I am able to join.
halo5: (Default)
[personal profile] halo5
Like so many others, I really want to be able to keep up with fics that I love, anyone wanna throw me a code? I'll say thanks and everything :)
[personal profile] dragonestisdream
Hi! I know alot of people are currently asking for invites and I am no different. An invite would be greatly appreciated and I would gladly share mine, as I know how it is to be seeking one for so long with others here so that everyone can have a chance.
xrai_namere: (Default)
[personal profile] xrai_namere
I would greatly appreciate an AO3 invite. I'll definitely be returning the favor once I can get any. My email is xrai.namere @ Thanks!
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STXI/Avengers ficcer looking for a new home for the work, Trek currently housed at LJ under this userhandle and just beginning to post Avengers on tumblr at the handle lazyscience. If you can help a girl out, I'm happy to pay in requestfic if that's something that interests you.

drunkenliturgies AT gmail DOT com
vanessagalore: (Default)
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Seeking an invite code. Thanks in advance! I've already had one fic deleted from and my (ahem) mature entries won't withstand scrutiny from the porn police. I promise to share any codes I get from the site.
hsanders: (Default)
[personal profile] hsanders

May I please have an invitation? As everyone is migrating to AO3, I'd like to keep up with it all :P I'll definitely share my invites when I get them. My email is, thank you!!! :D
duskalia: (calvin & hobbes)
[personal profile] duskalia
I have some fanfic that I would like to post on ao3, because is not fun anymore. I'm always having trouble with them.

Can I have an invite? I'll return the favor of course :)

email: pncanon @ gmail (dot) com

Got one, thanks to [personal profile] michelel72
uchiki: (Default)
[personal profile] uchiki
 May I have a invite? I will love you forever and give you lots of virtual hugs! ^_^
Thanks in advance!
Thanks [personal profile] michelel72
frau_kali: (now_ennui LJ)
[personal profile] frau_kali
hi! Could I please get an invite? I would be forever grateful and would use my own invite powers to help out here once I got an account \o/


Got one, thanks to [personal profile] michelel72! ^_^
[personal profile] thephantomjoke
I promise to give out another invite.

I want to add to the community and share my stories like everyone else! Please give me an invite? <3

Thank you Kelcat!!!
honou_no_izumi: (Default)
[personal profile] honou_no_izumi
Anyone can share an invite code with me? I'll share some when I get more. Wanting to have at least another backup for my fics. Already had an invite on queue but it told me I might get it by Nov...

Either PM me or at

Thanks [personal profile] kelcat  .

Once I figure out this whole invite codes thingie... I'll share em out~

If possible, I'd like to help out some others by sharing invite codes as well. But for now since I haven't received any yet, guess have to wait. 
merveilleux: (Default)
[personal profile] merveilleux
Got one, thank you!
engelina_c: (Default)
[personal profile] engelina_c
I got a invite, with lots of thanks to the kind person who send it to me.
[personal profile] el_presidente
Anyone who helps out with coding, testing or tag wrangling will get an invite code, and it also makes the queue shorter for everyone else. The volunteer form is currently also a queue, but it'll make things better for everyone in the long run:

Thank you cesy for the heads up


ao3_invitecodes: (Default)
Ao3 Invite Codes: Get and post them here


Rules Reminder
Please delete your post after you get your code, edit it with a strikeout or tag it to say you got your code please.

Also, to prevent unwanted people from taking codes from the requester, email them the code to the email address they provide. Do not post the raw code because others might claim it.

Please share your codes. Thank You
We're seeing a lot of requests and it's starting to get harder to keep track of who got codes and who did not. If you got a code, please delete your request post or edit it to say your code has been received. In addition, if you didn't have any luck getting one here, try requesting on our other communnity. /

Once you get a code and make your account, please help out by giving at least one code of your own.

Thank You
A quick tip of the day: if you request an invitation from the site or if a friend sends you one, you should receive an email with a link for signing up. If someone copies a code for you to use, however, you may not have the url. In that situation, you can sign up by going to, where you replace that last bit with the code you've received.

And welcome to all our new users - we're very happy to have you!

If you use a code, let the poster know. If you join, please post at least one code. Thank You

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